About us

IFR was founded in 1990 as a company specialising in ceramic welding, made up of staff with decades of experience in operating glass furnaces. Over the years, continuous investments in human resources and operating methods enabled a significant expansion of the services offered. The customers who rely on IRF are outstanding in the glass industry and seek a high quality service backed by a strong partnership.

With three offices in Europe and one in South America, IRF is a trusted partner for all maintenance and hot repair services in the glass industry.

Our Values

Uncompromising safety: a dedicated in-house team carefully evaluates all risk aspects of each intervention to ensure its safe execution

True Consulting Relationship: thanks to years of international experience, IRF consulting is always aimed finding the best solutions to reach the customers’ goals, advising and supporting them in their business and operating decisions.

Quick and flexible response: we devise solutions for more complex and articulated problems. Our service is focused on reacting quickly, efficiently, and effectively to allow the customer full operations in the shortest amount of time.

Quality and professionalism: guaranteed thanks to a highly qualified team, engineers with many years of international experience in the field and specific equipment for hot repair work.

Our Certifications