Carrying out regular internal and external inspections makes it possible to assess the condition of the furnace and make a predictive analysis of possible problems that could impact both the duration of the production campaign and the quality of production, energy consumption and safety aspects of the plant. IRF provides a complete auditing service to monitor the conditions of the furnace and plan any necessary short, medium, and long-term interventions.


Using a camera system equipped with a water-cooled endoscope, inspections are carried out in every area of the furnace, including those not directly visible from the inspection holes. The endoscope is equipped with special optics so it is possible to observe the areas on the axis of the endoscope as well as those in more difficult to reach positions.

Video Endoscopy

The video endoscope is an endoscope we manufacture that allows us to observe areas that are difficult to access with classical techniques (e.g. the condition of the cruciforms at the base of regenerator chambers).

Since it is an IRF product, the video endoscope can be made ad-hoc with specific lengths and viewing angles, making it an essential tool that can be designed according to the different furnace environments and available outdoor spaces.

Thermal imaging

By using a thermal imaging camera, we can check the condition of both the glass contact and the upperstructure refractories, foreseeing possible critical situations in advance and planning appropriate interventions.

Complete Auditing

A complete service that includes endoscopy, thermal imaging, and our engineers’ expertise. Comprehensive auditing allow us to create a report on the structural condition of the furnace. It is then possible to identify the most suitable maintenance work to minimise unforeseen problems and continue the furnace’s production campaign